The East Kent, Whistable

Who we worked with Shepherd Neame
Completion date November 2017
Project duration 1 week
Services provided

- Replacement extraction canopy
- Kitchen layout design
- Kitchen and bar appliances

Key brands used

- D&D
- Parry
- Roller Grill

- Scotsman
- Sammic
- Maidaid

Built-in 1802 by the owner of the local brewery, The East Kent Hotel is embedded in Whitstable history.  this newly refurbished pub offers some of Shepherd Neame’s fines ales and lagers. The bar showcases wines from around the world including Australia.?

This popular high street pub had been 'mothballed' for some time when the brewery made the decision to refurbish and bring it back into use.
The building was extensively refurbished both inside and out with our brief to make the best of an extremely small kitchen just 3m x 3m.

Our customer needed to be able to prep, cook and wash up in this small space which was challenging.
It required a new ventilation extraction system to safely deal with flue gasses as the existing system was outdated and inadequate.

A limited amount of cooking equipment was supplied and installed but their trip advisor reviews show that they are certainly able to cope with a decent menu and provide a great Sunday roast!