Elham Valley Vineyard

Who we worked with Elham Valley Vineyard & The Fifth Trust
Completion date May 2015
Project duration 1 week
Services provided

- Kitchen layout CAD
- Warewashing
- Cooking appliances
- Stainless steel fabrications

Key brands used

- Maidaid
- Parry

Our client operates as a charitable organisation providing support for people with learning difficulties and was very keen to improve facilities in their 'cook club' area.

Whilst this was a fairly large space it was poorly laid out and needed to be much improved for their clients who had a range of specific needs.

The area had to be suitable as a basic kitchen where staff could prepare and serve meals in their own working space, but also needed to be used as a cook club area where an instructor and students could work together.|
The simple solution was to make all tabling mobile on lockable castors so that during lunch the cooks could be enclosed in a cooking area.
The tables could then be easily repositioned when the room was needed for other things.

We supplied a number of new pieces of equipment including a commercial dishwasher, fridge, freezer, microwaves and many stainless steel tables.

A highly enjoyable project where we met many of the clients, all of which were very interested in what we were doing with their cook club and hugely excited to see the end result.