George and Dragon, Sandwich

Who we worked with George and Dragon
Completion date June 2019
Project duration 2 Days
Services provided

- CAD Kitchen design
- Supply and installation of catering appliances

Key brands used

- Hoshizaki
- Rational
- Blue Seal
- Maidaid


This community pub had been unoccupied for some months before our long term customers Tom and Karenza made the decision to resurrect it and bring their own well-proven style and professionalism to Sandwich. 
Having run successful food-led pubs in Kingsdown and St Margaret's for many years they knew exactly what the place needed.

The kitchen, whilst a little old fashioned, was serviceable and after a deep clean was starting to look like a decent working space.
We were asked to improve the existing layout and upgrade the appliances to bring the kitchen to a more modern standard.
Space was tight so a little equipment versatility was key hence the inclusion of a Rational XS mini combi oven and a Blue Seal range oven with griddle. These two  appliances alone will carry out 90% of the cooking requirements,

As time was a little short with a fast-approaching re-opening day we supplied 5 men who arrived on a very wet morning with all the new appliances which were installed, tested and commissioned by midday the following day giving John the new chef time to clean down, stock up and get cooking.

We wish Tom and Karenza every success with their new venture in a pub that could very easily have become a permanent closure but is now sure to become a valuable community asset for Sandwich and will no doubt gain a reputation for good food and good company.