Mixteca Mexetin, Bexleyheath

Who we worked with Mixteca Mexetin & Charms
Completion date October 2017
Project duration 3 weeks
Services provided

- Layout and kitchen design
- Slip resistant vinyl floor
- Upvc hygienic wall cladding
- Catering appliances
- Cold room
- Bar equipment

Key brands used

- Altro
- Bioclad
- Blue Seal
- D&D
- Scandia

A very modern and colourful Tex/Mexican restaurant located directly below a seven storey hotel just off Bexleyheath high street.

Our customer was very keen to incorporate a heat exchanger into his extraction system with its resulting energy savings by 'recovering' heat from the kitchen that would have been exhausted externally. This heat is re-used as a means of tempering or pre-heating the 85% fresh air required to be brought back into the kitchen.
This combined with the need to expel the cooking flue gasses above hotel roof height some 7 floors up made a more a more involved ventilation system that needed to satisfy the customer, the local planners and the building owner at the same time as efficiently carrying out its primary purpose.

The building owners were keen for the extraction system to have a minimal effect on the look of the building so we built a box section around our ductwork and had it powder coated to match the colour of the building.

We installed Blue Seal cooking equipment, a Tandoori oven and Gram energy-efficient fridges in the kitchen, a Maidaid pass through dishwasher and Scandia walk-in cold room in the service area and IMC bottle coolers and a Winterhalter glasswasher behind the bar.

We also completed the restroom area ventilation system and some unfinished hygienic wall coverings that the customers' shop fitters had run out of time to deal with.