The Gastronomist Ashford

Who we worked with Stanhope & The Gastronomist Club
Completion date January 2021
Project duration 3 months
Services provided

- CAD design
- Main contractor
- Project management
- Bespoke stainless steel fabrications
- Building works, walls and flooring
- Supply and installation of catering appliances
- Extraction ventilation system & HVAC
- All services works
- All appliances and furniture

Key brands used

- Blue Seal
- Marlowe
- Rational
- Hoshizaki
- Scotsman
- Maidaid
- Gerflor
- Altro
- Bioclad


The Gastronomist is a refined, modern event space conceived with comfort and conviviality in mind. We aim to deliver always exceptional, at times unconventional, dining experiences. 

An existing business relationship with another customer at the Elwick Place development in Ashford led us being contracted to design and build this restaurant.
We were appointed as main contractor with overall responsibility for everything involved with turning a concrete shell into a fully functioning restaurant.

The Covid situation caused difficulties in many ways but also meant that we were under less pressure than usual; as deadlines and completion was linked to when the restaurant could actually open. This flexibility allowed us to concentrate on the detail rather than the deadline.

As main contractor we dealt with every single element of the restaurant wherever heating, ventilation or appliances but also items such as audio systems, broadband, waste collection and cutlery - it really was the definition of a turnkey project.

The space is now a beautiful restaurant offering a unique dining experience, one we have already tried ourselves!