Ashford School Kitchen Installation, Kent

Who we worked with:

Furley Park Primary Academy


Ashford, Kent

Build Time

1 weeks

More about this project

The town of Ashford has expanded substantially in the last few years, particularly due to its position on the rail link between London and Europe.
One particular area of growth has been the estate of Park Farm to the south of Ashford, near to the village of Kingsnorth.
The Furley Park Primary Academy is sited on one side of the Park Farm Estate and overlooks woodland and fields to the rear. The building is currently all on one level with 17 classrooms, an administration area, large hall, well-equipped kitchen, extensive library and a wide variety of digital resources.

This small job was carried out during the Summer holiday along with the added complications that Covid was providing.

The existing kitchen has been struggling to cope with volumes for some time, particularly with washing up after meal time.
The existing aging pass through dishwasher was simply not up to the task so was replaced by a conveyor dishwasher which has considerably improved throughput and efficiency,

The old food servery also needed an upgrade so we replaced the 20 year old built in hot servery with a new hygienically clad stud wall and pair of roll in hot cupboards.
To provide a degree of protection for both staff and children during the Covid pandemic a Perspex screen with serving slot was installed across the servery window.

As an additional kitchen efficiency method and to improve hygiene a Sammic cutlery polisher was introduced as the kitchen spent far too much time hand drying cutlery.



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