Restaurant Kitchen Suspended Ceiling Systems

Professional installation of suspended ceilings and flat panel lighting for your commercial kitchen

Restaurant Kitchen Suspended Ceiling Systems

Ceiling Tiles and LED Panel Lighting

Not the first thing you consider when you design a kitchen, but in our experience quite important. Or perhaps you need to cover a ceiling that is now not up to scratch?

Cleaning an older ceiling is both costly and impactive on your working day and your purse. We would recommend an easy clean surface that is hygienic and low maintenance. It improves the feel of the kitchen and gives better light for working.

The cheaper and quicker you can keep your ceiling maintained the better. In addition a good looking kitchen gives a more professional image and makes your kitchen a better place to work.

Our Ceiling Services

Our Ceiling expert will make an appointment with you and complete a site survey. We can then assess your kitchen and advise you of your options. If you are also having walls and floors done by us at the same time we can ensure that all is completed with “top hat” so the walls are completed to the suspended ceiling.

Connected with a good stainless steel kitchen extraction system and hygienic wall coverings your ceiling will be a silent partner to your slick running kitchen.

Our Customers

We have provided new suspended ceilings in many business types including all of the following

  • EHotels
  • ESchools and Universities
  • ERestaurants and Cafes
  • EStaff canteens
  • EHospital kitchens and canteens
  • ENursery schools
  • EConvenience stores
  • EPubs and Clubs
  • ECare Homes and Day centres
  • ERetail
  • EOffices

Pretty much anywhere that deals with food preparation and service.

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