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For our Kent and surrounding area customers we can install the Ceasefire suppression system, which is certified to the LPCB insurance standard.

Do I need a fire suppression system?

The main fire hazard in any commercial kitchen is the use of heated oils and fats, especially the use of deep fat fryers.
With the potential for operator error, overheating of oils due to equipment thermostat issues there is a relatively narror margin between operating safely and a oil combusting.

The need for a suppression system is often dictated by an insurance company, however a fire risk assessment should be carried out by a competent person who will take into consideration many things including

  • Age of the cooking equipment
  • Maintenance regime
  • Cleanliness of the equipment
  • Operator skill and suprevision
  • Adequate extraction system
  • Nearby combustible materials
  • Number if people in the building
  • If there are bedrooms above the kitchen
  • Are children, the elderly or disabled in the building
  • Means of escape

This list is by no means exhaustive but should demonstrate that every situation is different.
We ask a very simple single question when deciding to reccommend if a fire suppression system should be installed


If there is, we reccommend a system.
If there isn’t, then it may not required but items on the list above should be considered.


If you know you need a system or are not sure give us a call. One of our experienced surveyors can visit your premises on a no cost or obligation basis to discuss.

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The Ceasefire System

Ceasefire’s LPCB certified Wet Chemical Based Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems are designed exclusively for commercial kitchen environments considering the associated risks of fire. These commercial kitchen fire extinguishing systems knock down flames and bring a tremendous amount of cooling effect, eliminating the chances of re-ignition.

This Automatic System comes equipped with a highly advanced detection module consisting of heat sensing tube based detection that offers far superior and uniform detection than conventional fire suppression systems.​

Ceasefire’s Wet chemical based Kitchen Suppression System relies on the powerful extinguishing properties of a foam agent that is developed with an optimised biological tolerance. This is possible as the agent is 90% water and 10% foam based chemical. The 99% biodegradable extinguishing agent of a wet-chemical based kitchen suppression system forms a foam blanket on top of the fire, thereby eliminating entry of oxygen and killing fire instantly. At the same time it contains 90% water and hence has a tremendous cooling effect that ensures there is no re-ignition of fire. As the agent is a wet chemical – foam, there is no flooding related collateral damage; moreover the agent residue can be used as a cleaning medium for the cook tops and equipment.

This kitchen hood suppression system too comes with the advanced fire detection technology based on the Heat Sensing Tube. This tube gives complete protection to the entire length of the kitchen hood compared to the conventional kitchen fire suppression systems. The discharge nozzles of this suppression system too are designed to knock-off fire that may arise from all types of cooking and covers the area under the hood completely. These advanced configurations of the system give chefs the flexibility to interchange the cooking and preparation area without any hassle

Our Customers

We have provided fire suppression systems in many business types including all of the following and many more.

Pretty much anywhere that deals with the cooking of food.

  • EHotels
  • ESchools and Universities
  • ERestaurants and Cafes
  • EStaff canteens
  • EHospital kitchens and canteens
  • ENursery schools
  • E Convenience stores
  • EPubs and Clubs
  • EMarine vessels and Oil rigs
  • ECare Homes and Day centres
  • EMobile catering

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