Restaurant Design & Planning

Commercial Kitchen Design, Planning and Project Management in Kent

Commercial Kitchen Planning

We offer a turnkey solution for your commercial kitchen from your vision through planning and design to build, and beyond to maintenance and service.

Our experienced team of kitchen designers can visit your premises to discuss your requirements and gain an understanding on how to best support your business plan and provide the right equipment for your menu.

During our site visit we would have a detailed conversation with the the main stakeholders, very often the business owner but as importantly the kitchen manager or head chef.

We then take detailed measurements and photographs to aid the design an planning of your kitchen. It may be that we have to carry our site further visits and get other specialists involved.

Our principle designer is  a CEDA (Catering Equipment Distributors Association) design specialist and has CFSP accreditation (Certified Food Service Professional) with hundreds of successfully completed kitchen builds behind him. Many of these projects are detailed in our portfolio which can be seen here.

Restaurant Kitchen Computer-aided Design

Once we have been to your premises and taken measurements we can start turning your ideas into a working kitchen by providing a 2D or 3D CAD drawing.

Maybe your premises are not built yet or you don’t have the keys – that’s fine, as long as you can provide a dimensioned drawing or if you are working with an architect, a .dwg file.

We can provide an initial 2D layout drawing with no obligation – this gives us the opportunity to show what we can do and how our ideas fit in with yours.
This initial drawing would be presented along with an estimate of costs.

Should you then decide to place your business with us we can than make adjustments as necessary and create a firm quotation for the job and as things progress produce other drawings if needed, such as 3D visualisations and services layouts.

We maintain a full set of drawings throughout the project as required so that our team and yours understand the design and ensure it corresponds perfectly with your concept.

Restaurant Build Project Management

Once the design and planning stage is completed and your are ready to move forward with the physical construction or your kitchen we then assing a dedicated project manager and lead engineer.

It may be that the designer that worked with you during the planning stage is the logical person to see the project through to its end, however on larger projects it may be that a number of managers need to be involved in their own specialist areas,

We are used to working with other contractors, so if you have your own trusted tradesmen that you would like to work with for certain aspects of the project that’s great.
It is quite common that during the last week before completion many different trades will be working around each other – it usually looks chaotic but generally comes together on time!

Our involvement at this stage is really down to the complexity of your project and your own preferences – you may wish to manage the project yourself and just have our engineers in for equipment installations, that’s fine.