Towner Gallery, Eastbourne

Who we worked with:

Turner Gallery


Eastbourne, Sussex

Lead Time

2 weeks

Services provided

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More about this project

The Towner Gallery, Eastbourne, which opened in 2021 is a very striking building that wanted to offer a great food service.  This was aground up build.  

Working with the local council and a multitude of trades we were contracted to carry out the full kitchen works with all new equipment. This included hygienic walls and floors along with full kitchen extraction system. 

Once the shell was in place and plans agreed our next major task on the project was to juggle logistics and get equipment to site in a timely manner. 

With the complex cold room completed all that remained was to install cooking appliances, refrigerators, and a new dishwasher.
Special attention was given to using highly energy-efficient catering appliances that would discharge very little grease into the sewer system.

The completed kitchen now looks fantastic, it gives staff complete control whilst enabling energy savings due to the efficient use of modern appliances. 

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