Ashford School

Who we worked with Ashford School
Completion date July 2017
Project duration 3 weeks
Services provided

- Strip out of old appliances
- Upvc wall cladding
- Slip resistant vinyl floor
- Wipe clean suspended ceiling
- High volume dishwashing equipment

Key brands used

- Bioclad
- Altro
- Maidaid


Our client originally contacted us with a request to quote for replacement of their ageing rack conveyor dishwasher which, whilst had done many years of good service, was starting to fail often causing considerable kitchen disruption and higher than average repair bills.

During our initial site visit it was obvious that the location of this huge old machine, sited as an island in the middle of a large dedicated dishwasher room, was far from ideal.
It was a barrier to easy movement around the space and being used in conjunction with a bank of sterilising sinks and an old Hobart macerator was just not efficient.

Further we discovered that on days when the school had meals with a high starch content, such as rice or mash, that the old small gauge site drainage was often blocking with food solids.

We were contracted to completely strip the dishwasher room and renew throughout.
The job included

  • Removal of old vinyl floor covering and replacement with new cap and coved Altro Stronghold safety flooring and the addition of a centre floor gully.
  • Strip out and replacement of all water supply pipes and waste plumbing which reduced and simplified the systems considerably.
  • Strip out and renewal of all electrical circuits in the room. Simplification and upgrading of old supply box area.
  • Removal of old aluminium condensate canopies and supply of a single new and smaller canopy for the rack conveyor dishwasher.
  •  Removal of existing single door, increased opening size and replace with Trovex double swing doors.
  • Made good all walls and clad with Bioclad hygienic wall surfaces.
  • Provided a new suspended ceiling with a hygienic wipe down panels, flat panel LED lighting and inset extraction ducts.

We installed the following new equipment

Maidaid R3004 Minirack conveyor dishwasher with heat recovery system
This unit, now wall sited, has created a better more spacious workflow, offers considerable energy savings with its heat recovery unit, and produces less steam in the dish wash room.

Maidaid U132e Utensil dishwasher
This machine now allows the fast washing of large pots and pans that were previously hand washer and soaked.

IMC Wastestation
No solid waste now goes into the aging site drainage - all solids now have the 'grey water' compressed from them leaving a semi-dry mulch which is separated for disposal.
The site drains now do not block.

Associated tabling
A small number of stainless steel tables and sink units were also supplied.