Ashford International Hotel

Who we worked with Ashford International Hotel
Completion date May 2018
Project duration 2 weeks
Services provided

- CAD design
- Bespoke stainless steel fabrications
- Supply and installation of high capacity dishwasher
- Suspended ceiling
- Installation of slip-resistant flooring
- Installation of hygienic wall surfaces
- Electrical and plumbing works

Key brands used

- Winterhalter


The Ashford International Hotel required a replacement for their aged and failing flight dishwasher which had done many years of good service but was now failing on a regular basis causing considerable repair costs. 
As the replacement machine was a special order item from Winterhalter in Germany we set the customer up with a temporary dishwasher room and a pass-through dishwasher that we lent then for the duration.

The new machine had a 6 week lead time which gave the hotel the opportunity to refurbish the area the old machine was located in.
We stripped out the machine then created a temporary ply wall so that refurbishment works would not interfere with the working kitchen just feet away,

The room was Upvc clad, received Altro slip-resistant flooring, a suspended ceiling along with a re-wire and new plumbing in readiness for the new dishwasher.
Once the dishwasher was delivered we were able to install it and it along with new stainless steel tabling over a two day period followed by some staff training.