Stag Coffee, Ashford

Who we worked with Stag Coffee
Completion date October 2017
Project duration 1 week
Services provided

- Layout and kitchen design
- Upvc wall cladding
- Slip-resistant vinyl floor
- Upvc hygienic wall cladding
- Catering appliances

Key brands used

- Altro
- Bioclad
- Parry


We were originally contacted by this customer over a year ago well before he had selected suitable premises during which time general advice on equipment selection was given.
Once premises had been secured early in 2016 we met on-site and started to discuss the kitchen and front of house layouts in more detail.

After a few weeks consultation period building works started in earnest and this old mobile phone shop started to turn into a modern and trendy looking coffee shop.

We worked closely with the customers own building contractor on this occasion who completed first fix electrical and plumbing works in advance of our addition of upvc hygienic wall cladding to bo the kitchen and the back of house ground floor dishwashing area,

The impracticality of mains gas combined with a basement kitchen location meant that cooking equipment had to be all-electric and selected carefully for its size as restrictive doorways and a staircase limited sizes.
After much heavy lifting by our installation team, all of the kitchen equipment was all in place. We also supplied and installed other equipment such as a dishwasher, ice machine and water boiler.

The coffee shop opened in April and now serves excellent quality coffee and delicious food all cooked on the premises.